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Fields of application

Follow the link to see a sample of each mentioned application. For more pictures of finished projects have a look at the “Reference”-page.


Pedestals direct on insulation board


Interior application: Car presentation on grilles


Interior application: Chipboard flooring


Roof terrace: With stone tiles


Roof terrace: With wooden slates


Private terrace: Swimming pool surrounding


Public terrace: With wooden slates and stone tiles


Public roof garden: With stone pavers and water features


Temporary floors: Exhibition platform


Water fountains


Raised gratings for an industry floor

For special requirements we can find special solutions. In the following you will find previously done projects (which were non-standard) and solutions for special cases.


Circular terrace -> Usage of special designed spacer tabs


Interior terrace without any gaps between the used pavers -> Usage of special designed spacer tabs


Obstacles in an application -> How to fix around?


Materials with two different thicknesses in one application -> How to overcome the crossover?

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