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Material information

The composite wood planks are made of a mixture of recycled wood (2/3) based on chips and sawdust and a polymer resin which protects the wooden particles from attacks by water, sun, termites, fungi, etc.

General dimensions

The standard length of the composite wooden planks is 1.8 m. It is possible to produce also the length of 2.2 m.

Plain composite wood slate will be used: Composite Wood slate

  • In hot and normal climate countries.
  • For public as well as residential projects.

Working instructions

For the composite wood the same tools as for solid wood can be used. Sawing and drilling are no problem for the product.

The composite wood can NOT be used for structural applications.

Advantages and characteristics

  • No special maintenance required, cleaning just with water (follow the link to see pictures of the () cleaning process)
  • The planks are very stable (60 N/mm²)
  • The BRINELL hardness is at a level superior to oak wood
  • The variation in dimension is around 2 to 3 millimetre for a 4-metre plank in a 20 degree celcius temperature variation
  • No warp in highly humid environment
  • Splinter proof
  • Not slippery even when wet
  • Crack resistant like solid oak wood
  • No colour changing (just very light variations due to sunlight)

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