Fixing System

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The perfect and easy fixing system without screws

Raw plug

The BASE-CLIP will receive the support batten. It will be fixed on the head of the pedestal by a raw plug and a pin. The RAW PLUG will hold the base-clip on the head of the pedestal. It will be placed in the foreseen wholes in both the pedestal head and the base-clip. The PIN fixes the raw plug properly. The STOPPER-CLIPS will hold the support batten in the base-clip. There they will be stucked from both sides in the base-clip and hold in this way the support batten.

The DOUBLE-CLIP will hold the composite wood slate and the support batten together. It will be installed first to the support batten and after this the composite wood slates will be fixed at that with the help of a rubber hammer. The SINGLE -CLIPS left and right will be installed also to the support batten and the composite wood slates.

Pedestal + Base-Clip + Pins + Stopper-Clips
Support batten placed in the Base-Clip on top of the pedestal
Composite Wood clipsed to the support batten

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