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Historical Development

BUZON Pedestal International s.a. is the manufacturer of the BUZON DPH system screwjack pedestals:

  • Founder: Mr. Claude Buzon, Engineer for electronic and computerequipment, formely employed at I.C.L. England, from 1969 till 1982, in the Technical Division as Technical & Administration Manager, and later on as Sales Technical Manager.
  • 1982 till 1989: Sales of materials for building systems for terraces.
  • 1989: Own company specialised in terraces on screwjackpedestals.
  • 1991: Development of own screwjack pedestal system in POLYPROPYLENE (P1) (1st generation of pedestals).
  • 1992: Development of additional heights of screwjack pedestals -> P2, P3 and P4 from 120 to 200 mm and revolutionary C1 coupling device (which increases heights for the raised floors from 200 mm up to 600 mm); Test of the compression by the Belgium Building Research Institute.
  • Participation at international fairs & exhibitions: Belgium - Germany - UK - USA - France - Italy - Saudi Arabia - United Arab Emirates - Istanbul - Lebanon - Netherlands - Egypt - Poland, etc.
  • End of 1994: Screwjack pedestals available in POLYESTER + FIBER GLASS + POLYCARBONATE.
  • 1997: Invention of the new “PH5“ system which is an automatic slope compensation device, for slopes from 0 to 5 % (0 to 5 cm/ meter).
  • 1997: Innovation Award in Batimat in France winner of the Silver Medal.
  • 1999: Development of the new “DPH5 screwjackpedestal system” with the slope corrector 0 to 5% integretad on the top of each pedestal for raised floors for almost all kind of applications.
  • 2002: Production of the new DPH screwjackpedestals system (2nd generation of pedestals).
  • 2004: Development and production of the new “DPH CLIPS WOOD” System for wooden slatted terraces on pedestals.
  • 2004: Production of the new Composite Wood Deck System without the necessity of any kind of screws.
  • Beginning of 2005: Middle East Department established with company Rohmix International L.L.C. in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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