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We do not only sell the products we also provide the necessary service.

Calculation of required DPH pedestals

The number of required DPH pedestals depends on the size and weight of the decking material what will be on top of the pedestals.

The following small overview will help you to estimate the number of required DPH pedestals for your project:

Dimension of the paving stone in cm

Quantity of pedestals

40 x 40

7.8 / sqm

50 x 50

5.0 / sqm

40 x 60

5.0 / sqm

60 x 60

3.8 / sqm





We help you to generate how many DPH pedestals you will need for your special application. Just give us the details of the area (size and height) and we are able to check your pre-calculation.

Installation of pedestals

We come to your site and train the workers to achieve the best results by using Buzon products. Just arrange with us the date when your site is ready for the installation of the DPH pedestals and we will be there to start with you.

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